Proper maintenance ensures that your equipment lasts and that you are playing at your best.

Skate Sharpening

We offer the latest in skate sharpening, but it also takes more than just a great machine to give you the best edge - it takes years of experience and thousands of skates sharpened to be sure that you get a great edge every time. At Pete's we're all about quality and you can be sure that our skate sharpening is no exception.

Fresh Gear


Nobody likes a smelly athlete, especially those of us who live with them! That's why we offer professional sports equipment cleaning packages for full sets of hockey player equipment, hockey goalie equipment, football gear or individual pieces including Skates, Boots, Shoes and Gloves. Typical service times are 3 days. Call us for pricing. 



Here is a list of some of the more common repairs we can make to damaged equipment. We can also repair a wide range of other items so please give us a call or email us regarding the repair of items not listed here. We would be pleased to provide a quote.

For Repairs Not Listed Here Please Contact Us

Hockey Equipment Repairs

  • Glove and blocker re-palming 
  • Professional skate sharpening 
  • Custom radius 
  • Runner and casing replacement 
  • Skate boot stretching and punching 
  • Goal glove re-lacing 
  • General repairs of equipment bags including zippers and sliders 
  • Pant repair 
  • Goal pad stitching 
  • Pad stuffing 
  • Goal pad accessories 
  • General repairs of shoulder pads, elbow pads, shin pads, hockey girdles, chest protectors, arm pads, hockey socks, sweaters and helmets

Baseball Equipment Repairs

  • Glove re-lacing 
  • Pitching toes 
  • Base straps 
  • Catchers equipment repairs